The Mystery of the Golf Club Murder

Tom Colt Mystery

The Life, Loves and Times of a Golfer Who Solves Crimes

Suspenseful, sexy, surprising, high-spirited, humorous…this mystery series debut stars a young golf pro drawn into an investigation of the murder of a fast-rising politician's beautiful, troubled, promiscuous wife.

After several years of struggle on the tough pro golf circuit in the early 1960s, Tom Colt is inching closer to becoming a champion. To earn extra cash, Tom gives golf lessons at a posh country club in Arizona. Tom is attractive, personable, and an excellent golf instructor--particularly popular with the female members of The Club.

Lisa Prentiss Luck is the wife of a state senator running for the US Senate. She is killed at her home with a golf club stolen from the country club. The crime is personal for Tom: Lisa took golf lessons from him, they became friends, and on the day she was killed left him an urgent message to come over because she was afraid for her life. He got there an hour too late.

The Phoenix PD detective assigned to the case, Ed Mathers, asks for Tom's help, knowing the country club members trust and confide in him. Tom finds himself in the middle of a dangerous, hot mess in the hot desert that includes gangsters south of the border, a stone-cold killer in his own back yard and deep political corruption involving ambitious people who do whatever it takes to win.

We also meet Roy Wilkinson, a powerful retired judge who pulls the strings in the rapidly growing city of Phoenix. The Judge's daughter Julia, an aspiring singer and accomplished femme fatale. Tom's brilliant, funny twin sister Caroline. Det. Mathers, whose obsessions are seeking justice and improving his golf game. And Katrina Stern, a dedicated, serious young golf pro who just may be Tom's soul mate if she'd allow herself time for romance.

You'll root for Tom and his supporting cast to rise up to the challenges of life--growing, learning, overcoming failure, achieving, loving--and for Tom and Det. Mathers to solve the murder. The killer was clever, but Tom Colt and Det. Ed Mathers are clever, too. See how they unravel The Mystery of The Golf Club Murder, their first case.

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